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Service agreements

Primarily in the interests of music and the lutherie tradition, and convinced of the benefits that derive from synergies, Atelier Lazzaro is able to provide service agreements for the maintenance, restoration and repair of stringed instruments, with special terms and discounts for ensembles, orchestras and music schools.
Particular consideration is given to young conservatory students, so that they are afforded every opportunity to practice and study their instrument.


Giovanni Lazzaro is an accredited expert registered with the Padua Law Courts and undertakes the valuation and certification of stringed instruments for leading Italian and international insurance companies. Atelier Lazzaro offers a wide range of services connected with insurance cover, appraisals and certifications.


Other services provided by the workshop include the joint-organization of photographic documentation, scientific analysis and historical research on instruments.
More exactly, Atelier Lazzaro works with a number of highly professional communications and photographic agencies able to provide:
photographic and video projects of all kinds (video clips, concerts)
preparation of high impact books for publication
consultancy on the organization of musical events (locations, permits, catering)



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Giovanni Lazzaro: copia Giovanni Grancino

Viola Gaetano Pareschi, Ferrara 1954

Cello Francesco Guadagnini, Torino 1898

Cello Unknown Italian maker Nord Italy, 1820

Cello Unknown Italian maker '700

Viola 41,5 cm – “Giovanni Lazzaro - Padua 2009 / 2011” – Mod. “Personal”